Equine Physiotherapists in North Wales

Equine physiotherapists, equine physiotherapy in North Wales (Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd, Wrexham) and surrounding areas. If you are an equine physiotherapist in North Wales and would like a free or premium listing, please click here for information.

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Equine Physiotherapists in North Wales - Premium Listings

Pegasus Physiotherapy


Jennifer Taylor

Tel: 07967 025775

Email: info@pegasusphysiotherapy.co.uk

Web: www.pegasusphysiotherapy.co.uk

Equine physiotherapy can help your horse with schooling and behavioural problems, changes in behaviour when being ridden, performance problems, muscle asymmetry, post surgical treatment / rehabilitation, post veterinary conservative management, general MOT checks and helping keep the older horse in work. Jennifer is a qualified veterinary physiotherapist who always aims to address the root cause of any issues, not just treat the symptoms. With a background as a human sports physiotherapist as well as a rider herself she can also apply her knowledge to assist with the horse-rider interaction for the benefit of both you and your horse. Please visit the website for details.

Equine Physiotherapists in North Wales - Free Listings

Abigayle Williams


Tel: 07583 612422

Email: abigayle.vetphysio@aol.com

Web: www.abigaylewilliams.com

All Creatures Great & Small


Suzanne Cottriall

Tel: 07792 306989

Email: info@animal-physiotherapist.co.uk

Web: www.animal-physiotherapist.co.uk

Andraya Hiscock


Tel: 07971 879430

Email: andraya@animalphysiouk.com

Web: www.animalphysiouk.com

Annabel Roberts


Tel: 01829 760907

Anne Sweeney


Tel: 07904 406881

Beswick Veterinary Physiotherapy


6 Pool House Road, Poynton, Stockport, SK12 1TY

Abigail Beswick

Email: abigailjibeswick@gmail.com

Web: www.beswickvetphysio.com

Cheshire Veterinary Physiotherapy


Natalie Thomasson

Tel: 07891 059426

Email: info@cheshirevetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.cheshirevetphysio.co.uk

Emily Sutton Equine & Canine Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Emily Sutton

Tel: 07946 152428

Email: emily.sutton@sky.com

Emma Dainty


Tel: 07811 683237

Engage Physiotherapy


Becky Gilmartin

Tel: 07863 200390

Email: engagephysiotherapy1@gmail.com

Web: www.engage-physiotherapy.com

Equine & Canine Solutions


Rachel Greetham

Tel: 07801 270053

Email: rachel@equineandcaninesolutions.co.uk

Web: www.equineandcaninesolutions.co.uk

Gabrielle Kerfoot


Tel: 07710 040241

Email: gaby.kerfoot@virgin.net

Irene Menaged


Tel: 07531 440936

Email: physio@macclesfieldsport.co.uk

Web: animals.macclesfieldphysiotherapy.co.uk

Isobel Foden


Tel: 07788 98609

Email: isobel@aimphysio.co.uk

Jessica Jones Veterinary Physiotherapist

North Wales

Jessica Jones

Tel: 07957 961190

Email: jess@jjvetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.jjvetphysio.co.uk

Katie Knight Veterinary Physiotherapy

West Wales

Katie Knight

Tel: 07432 145198

Email: info@kkvetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.kkvetphysio.co.uk

Northwest Veterinary Physiotherapy


Lesley Williamson

Tel: 07951 604728

Email: lesley@northwestvetphysio.com

Web: www.northwestvetphysio.com

Pegasus Physiotherapy


Jennifer Taylor

Tel: 07967 025775

Email: jennifertaylor@pegasusphysiotherapy.co.uk

Web: www.pegasusphysiotherapy.co.uk

RJ Physio


Worsley House, Middlewich Road, Minshull Vernon, Middlewich, CW10 0LT

Becky Hodgkiss

Tel: 07866 730975

Email: rjphysio@hotmail.com

Web: www.rjphysio.co.uk

Sarah Heaton Veterinary Physiotherapy


Sarah Heaton

Tel: 07590 750312

Email: shvet-phys@outlook.com

Web: www.shvphysio.co.uk

Shropshire Equine Physiotherapy


Tel: 07884 051060

Email: shropshireequinephysiotherapy@outlook.com

Web: www.shropshireequinephysiotherapy.com

Shropshire Veterinary Physiotherapy


Pauline Hughes

Tel: 07791 423772

Email: info@shropsvetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.shropsvetphysio.co.uk

Stay Sound Veterinary Physiotherapy Services


April Macleod

Tel: 07976 080022

Email: april@staysoundvetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.staysoundvetphysio.co.uk

Strides Veterinary Physiotherapy


Glebe Farm, The Fish, Hopesay, Craven Arms, SY7 8HG

Emily Culpeck

Tel: 07943 637641

Email: emily@stridesvp.co.uk

Web: www.stridesvp.co.uk

Williams Vet Physio


Jennifer Fleming

Tel: 07801 314133

Email: jenny@williamsvetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.williamsvetphysio.co.uk